Book review: The Third Industrial Revolution


The third industrial revolution was published in 2013. The author of the book, Jeremy Rifkin ,is one of the most popular social thinkers in 21st century.He was also the author of  some bestselling books,such as The European Dream,The End of Work and The Biotech Century.

In the book, it was discussed that our environment and our climate has changed extremely at first. In the past 200 years,the first industrial revolution and the second industrial revolution has made people overuse oil, nuclear power and other fossil fuels. As a result,our environment was seriously polluted,our temperature keep rising which has destroyed the balance of nature and let the supply of energy will shorten in the future.

Then, Jeremy Rifkin’s “third” industrial revolution was based on renewable energies and Internet technology.As for renewable energies,individuals or small businesses could generate clean energy in their home or offices by themselves at low cost  in the future.They could also distribute the power with smart energy grid and resell the power  to their neighbors or back to the grid.The revolution will changed our business model, study model and make some new miro businesses,such as 3D printing which means people could make their desired products only with a 3D printer at home,sell them worldwide with Internet and get a sustainable living easily by themselves.In addition,he also mentioned the trend of the power of transportation to pure electric ,electric plug-in or hydrogen fuel cells in the future,instead of  fossil fuels. Thus,the our daily life,the model of making money and the model of education will changed substantially in the future with it based on Internet and renewable energy.

Conclusion:The book offer many good ideas and tips  for  future life as we  suffered from many problems now,such as global warming,wealth gap between rich and poor and energy shortage.Some ideas have been realized,such as pure electric vehicles and Free online courses which could let people study them anytime and anywhere  from top universities worldwide.And others may still need our effort or time for proving them.

Recommended to those who care the future,environment and seek to have a better and healthier life.


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